Consultant & Writer

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Hello! I’m Desi, and I’m a writer based in Manhattan. While I love writing about all things, I’m most passionate about sustainability topics.

Businesses hire me to contribute to their websites and strengthen their internet marketing copy in a way that is informative, engaging, and easy to read. Whether you need a regular stream of content or just a piece every now and again, I’m here to make sure you always keep moving forward.


Your job is to attract customers and/ readers. My job is to take the pressure of writing off your shoulders so you can focus on growing your business. I’m uniquely qualified to do so for a few reasons: 

  1. Knowledgeable. I have extensive knowledge in branding, email marketing, and blogging.

  2. Experienced. I have experience in e-commerce writing and have written for hotels, businesses, and media outlets. For Green Matters alone (which has over one million followers), I’ve written nearly 200 articles within the last year and have a wide range of knowledge about sustainable news and businesses. My writing has also been used as a lead generation tool for entrepreneurs and businesses.

  3. Reliable. People enjoy working with me because I’m extremely reliable and take deadlines seriously. You hired me to reduce your stress, so part of my job is to always deliver on time.

  4. Communicative. Hate surprises? Me too! I’m easy to work with since I always clearly communicate my working terms and scope up front.



You can expect a few things from my work for you. 

  1. Well Researched. I always take time to thoroughly research anything I write and make sure to properly cite references so everyone stays out of trouble (What can I say? It’s an attorney thing). Also, your audience is more likely to trust well research content that is backed up with authoritative sources. When conveying information, my goal is always to offer valuable information, never boring lectures.

  2. Voice Compatible. I focus on capturing my client’s voice so that the tone and personality is streamlined with the person or brand I’m writing for.

  3. Social Media Friendly. My writing has been shared across social media and has reached millions of readers. I tend to tailor my work so that you can apply it across forums, garner more attention, and boost your traffic.

  4. Quick Turn Around. While I always take time to properly fact check and research all my work, I like to get work turned around quickly so you can put it to good use ASAP.



Formative Years…

I was raised on a farm just outside of Miami where I was immersed in nature for 18 years and first became interested in environmental issues. When I wasn’t sprawled under a palm tree with my nose in a book, I spent the better part of my childhood playing with my family’s pack of fluffy Golden Retrievers during my free time. 

Later, I earned a BA in English Literature at the University of Miami. After that, I attended law school where I picked up some serious research and writing skills and graduated cum laude



More recently, I became certified in Sustainable Business Strategy through Harvard’s Business School in 2018. There, I was able to develop strategies and implementation plans for purpose-driven companies to achieve competitive advantages with increased financial gain and brand value.

Today, I live in Manhattan where I’ve learned to critically judge the caliber of bagels and coffee like a proper New Yorker. Far from the furry animals back on the farm I grew up on, I now wrangle with words and tame copy as a freelance writer.

When I’m not writing, I can be found tower racing (its’ a thing) or perfecting a new Palo recipe in the kitchen. I also know more about different dog breeds than any normal person should and love all kinds of animals (minus reptiles). I cannot live without coffee nor be trusted with a credit card in a bookstore.



So what about you? What’s your story? If you need someone to take all that writing off your hands, send me a note at and let’s get to work!